Motu Kōkako Ahuwhenua Trust 


Motu Kōkako Hole in the Rock

Visiting Motukōkako Island

There are long established navigation rights to the seaways around New Zealand and this includes the passage through the Hole in the Rock. Many thousands of vessels have navigated this seaway for many decades.

There are similar examples of vessels navigating seaways that exist under islands or where the land above is privately owned. Hahei is an example, as is State Highway 1 in the South Island.

The issue of Motukōkako Island and the right to charge those who travel through the Hole in the Rock was the subject of an existing High Court ruling, where the court ruled against the ability to exclude vessels from navigating this seaway.

Fullers GreatSights has, in good faith, entered into numerous discussions with Motu Kōkako Atuwhenua Trust over the past five years. This culminated in an offer to work with the trust to ensure their mana on the Island is properly recognised by Fullers GreatSights. The trust's only response was to decline the offer and negotiations with the trust then stalled.

If the navigation rights around New Zealand seaways are to be challenged, the Crown is the correct party to engage with.