Accessibility information and travelling with a disability

It’s easy to get to the Bay of Islands and enjoy one of our cruises or tours. We’ve made it even easier with this handy accessibility information. 

Getting to the Bay of Islands

If you’re planning your trip to the Bay of Islands, take a look at our Getting to the Bay of Islands travel guide, which has information about reaching the Bay by car, coach or plane.

Parking in Paihia

If you’re driving to Paihia, you can park your car in the pay and display carpark on Williams Road. This carpark is only a few minutes’ walk along flat footpaths to the Maritime Building. You can also park on the streets in Paihia, just make sure there are no time restrictions in place.

Accessibility and special assistance

We welcome passengers on board our cruises and tours who need special assistance. We’ll do our best to help you however we can so you can enjoy your time in the Bay of Islands.


If you suffer from seasickness, it’s best to take medication one hour before your cruise. You can visit the pharmacy in central Paihia for advice and medication. There are also some natural ways to prevent seasickness.

  • Eat a light, bland meal before your cruise
  • Have food or drink that contains ginger
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon
  • Stay in the middle of the boat
  • Get out in the fresh air

Visually or hearing impaired travellers

Please contact us before travel if you’re sight or hearing impaired so that we can let our driver/ skipper and crew know.

Travelling with a Service Dog

Certified service dogs can travel on our coaches when they’re assisting a passenger with a disability. The dog must wear an identification tag with the owner’s name, address and phone number and it must be controlled by a choker chain at all time.

During the journey, your dog must be restrained by threading its lead through the seat belt or around the seat bar located under the seat.

Please prepare your dog for travel by exercising it, and limiting its fluid intake for several hours before boarding the bus.

Travelling with a wheelchair

Passengers with collapsible wheelchairs can join our tours and cruises (except those with an island stopover). However, larger mobility scooters / motorised wheelchairs are difficult to accommodate. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your options.