Visiting the Pest Free Islands of Ipipiri

The seven main islands in the Eastern Bay of Islands have enjoyed pest-free status since 2009, making them a haven for some of our most endangered animals and plants.

Give your gear the all clear!

It is important to keep these ecologically significant Islands Pest free. Unfortunately pests, animals and plants can make it back to the islands by stowing away in our bags, our gear or on our shoes, so we all need to do our bit to ensure these islands remain pest free:

  • Check your bags for stowaways, such as mice, rats, Argentine ants and Rainbow/Plague Skinks.

  • Clean your footwear, clothing and bags and ensure they are free of soil and seeds. This also helps to prevent the spread of Kauri dieback.

  • Close all bags or boxes. No open bags or boxes will be allowed on-board and everything you bring must be sealed or zipped shut.

  • Report any sightings of rats, mice, stoats, cats or dogs on the islands, their tracks, or droppings to DOC - 0800 362 468.


As a charity Project Island Song is leading the protection and ecological restoration of this archipelago, planting native trees and reintroducing animal species for all to enjoy. Fullers GreatSights are proud to support Project Island Song to keep the islands pest free.

You can help Project Island Song protect and restore the unique natural heritage to the Bay of Islands.
For more information, to get involved or to make a donation visit Project Island Song.